Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? What do you do at the end of world?

First of all, I would like to express my personal feeling…

I want to save her…

Because I want to save her!

That’s why I have to save her!!

OK. Your enthusiasm has been conveyed to me. So, what did you do weekend to save me?


I just…

I just got drinks alone in the daytime…


「weekend」 and 「the end of world」

weekend in Japanese is Shuumatsu.

the end of world in Japanese is Shuumatsu.

Chtholly(CV. Azusa Tadokoro)

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How to save her?

1. Alien 01/01/2039(Mon) 00:00 ID:Project 2039

You can be use  only Amazon.

To sum it all up, we may just beat down her enemy.

2. Alien 01/01/2039(Mon) 00:01 ID:Project 2039

Ok. I suggest…

3. Alien 01/01/2039(Mon) 00:02 ID:Project 2039



4. Alien 01/01/2039(Mon) 00:03 ID:Project 2039

Guys..You are forgetting something important.

That since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed.

That’s why, I suggest Kemono Friends.

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About 1 million dollars.

7. Alien 01/01/2039(Mon) 00:06 ID:Project 2039

I trust Justin Bieber magic.

Do you know this article?
Justin saved fisherman from bear attack.

That’ why, I suggest Justin Bieber’ song.


8. Alien 01/01/2039(Mon) 00:07 ID:Project 2039

>>7 Great.


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